Thursday, September 10, 2009

50th Anniversary

While I was browsing through the SCAL community forum, I came across a post request for a 50th Anniversary .svg file. It got me in the creative mood and I came up with a little something. Wow, 50 years, how do you honor that? You can't throw cute puppies an butterflies, or bright colors.. they are beyond that. Then I thought, Less IS More! Sure we can add every flower and butterfly from our library, but sometimes the details get lost in the layers upon layers of of embellishments. Have you ever tried buying a greeting card and you pick out the brightest and busiest card out, but always seem to put it back? At first glance they stand out, but the one that makes it into the shopping cart is the one that conveys your sentiments effectively without all the distractions? Well that's simply my thoughts, what do you think? The more we know, the better our craft. By the way, I hope the requester is successful, no matter what she creates! Enjoy!

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