Friday, March 12, 2010

Spring Training

Here is another one for the boys. This one can be used for a LO of baseball pictures for teens. Make posters for tryouts. Don't forget to use pre-printed paper with grass as the backdrop. A couple of the vendors here sell them, makes all the difference on a LO. Let me know how yours turned out. Enjoy!

Tap Out or...

Well, I haven't done much for the guys lately so I thought I would change that this week. If they are going to keep paying for our addiction, we may as well make them something every once in a while. So I hope this file helps. Make an invite for the next big fight, decorations for the next gathering or make them a freezer paper t-shirt. Make a poster or a vinyl decal. Make them anything, I'm sure they will like it. Enjoy!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Thank You

Here is a nice .svg that can be used for just about anything. Use on decorations, envelopes, cards, etc. Add a tag line and make a poster. Use metallic papers or textures and turn it up a notch. Send me pictures of your design. Enjoy!

Tiki Time

Well, spring is almost here, and summer will soon follow. Soon we will be making party invites. Should you think of using a tiki, then you may have just found one. I found this one and have tweaked it to cut just right. You will need a sticky mat and a sharp blade if you cut it small. Use textured paper and you will make an unforgettable decoration. Don't forget to send me a picture! Enjoy!