Friday, October 23, 2009

Guitar Hero

Here is one that was requested by a friend. Decorate your teens room or make them a t-shirt with this. Holiday cards should be made pretty soon, so get creative. Don't forget about glitter, fringe, and textured papers. Add additional graphics for wall art and scrap books. See what way you can spice this file up and let me know what you came up with. Enjoy!

The Night Before...

Since I haven't posted as regularly as I have wanted to, here is another .svg file for those who are seeking more Halloween projects. This would look nice on an goody bag or window art. Try using it on your scrapbook for all those pictures you will soon take. Use vinyl and make a window decal . Send me pictures of your creation. Enjoy!


Well, the fall has crept up and is making room for winter. But with hollows eve on the mind of every sugar loving child, there is also a sense of spookiness. Behind every tree and around every corner awaits a scary thought that only our deepest fears can conjure. And with every imagination hard at work, so should your circuit be.

Here is a small file that can be cut out and glued to your candy hunters treat bag. Make a silhouette and mount to your window, or use to decorate your Halloween memories. Make a vinyl decal and place on your creative. Who knows, you may surprise yourself. Enjoy!