Friday, October 15, 2010

Family Photos

Well, we all have a refrigerator with tons of pictures on it, but nothing else decorate them with, unless you count the shopping list and pizza coupons. Well, here is a file that will at least help you provide a back ground for them. You can do so much more with them, but here is a start. Show me your refrigerator! Enjoy!

Oh Baby!

Here is a file for title, or accent for a LO. Use it for cards, diaper cakes, gift baskets, what have you. It is made in four layers, so take you time and pick your colors. It looks great on just about anything for a baby shower. Let me know how it turned out for you. Enjoy!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Spooky Tree

Here is a file that was meant for a bulletin board, so I thought I would share it for all you educators. I hope you can use. It was given to me to share some time ago, but I really don't know who to thank for it, but if you are out there, and still with me, thank you! Enjoy

Once upon a time...

We all know of a perfect moment in time where no fairytale could ever beat. Wether the birth of a child, the perfect union, a dream come true, etc. Here is a file that may help you document it for ever. Simple, but with the right touch, sets the mood for great expectations. Enjoy!