Friday, November 5, 2010


Here is file that was made for a layout for some wall art. You can use it for a LO for zoo outings and field trips. Many intricate pieces, so take your time and pull out all those scrap pieces you have been saving up. This is a project you can frame when you are done! Enjoy!

Girls Night Out

Well, if you haven't had one, it may be time to have one. You earned it! A girls night out! Gather your friend for a night of laughs, food, dancing and drinks. No kids, no husbands, and no worries. Plan a night and use this fun file. Enjoy!

(I scrap lifted the foliage element, but don't remember from where. I would like to give credit to the created, if anybody can help me, I would appreciate it.)

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Panda Too

Here is another element that I meant to post last week, but never got the chance. Use is to decorate a card, layout for a zoo outing, bulletin board, etc. It can be used to make a t-shirt as well. It is a two layer, but you can add additional elements and make it even more iterating. Enjoy!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Funny Guy

Here is a fun file for all you moms with children who will most likely turn to a life of comedy. This will make an awesome t-shirt, poster, or decoration. I would enjoy seeing what you all have used it for. Enjoy!

A Feast....

We all have those special dinners that bring families together. Meals that bring generations of family together, if only for a night. Well, with the holidays soon approaching, those meals will soon need to be planned. What better way to invite loved ones, than with custom invitations by you. Be prepared and make every distant relative feel as close to the family as they can get! Enjoy!